10 -års jubileum

We celebrate our first 10 years as a university 2015

This is our history, but also a glance at the future.
The future we create together every day.

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Before we became a university

How did everything start? See our first steps towards becoming a university. What happened to the primary school teacher who baked? When was...


10 years as a university

We celebrated 10 years as a university in 2015. Take part of our journey during these 10 years. What was our Crown Princess doing to upset the...


The university of the future

Want to look into the future? We speculate about the future at Mid Sweden University. How do you develop a modern university? How to stick to...

Klassrum – lärare hjälper student


Rises and falls in the number of applicants, a new grading system, a popular summer university and many exciting additions. A lot has happened...

Additiv tillverkning metall


Along with education, research is the backbone of our activities. During our years as a university, several of our research results have...

Brännboll på Campus Östersund

The People

How did our Vice Chancellor feel about his new job? Why did Anna Ottosson choose to study at the same time that she focused on her skiing? Who...


Public Benefit

By making our research easily accessible, it can quickly be of benefit to the public. Miun Innovation, Fyrklövern and the work tool Easy Access...

Glob Karta Världen


Mid Sweden University take an active interest in exchanges with universities and colleges all over the world – and in the international students...

Student Life

Do you remember which year the student union membership stopped being mandatory? How many medals did our talented ski students win at the...

Exteriör Campus Sundsvall, vinterbild

Our Campuses

It is on our campuses that Mid Sweden University’s own culture has emerged. Gathered here is a colourful mix of national and international...

Studenter, utomhus, Östersund

Personal memories

It is a lot of people who has a relation to Mid Sweden University. Students, co workers, alumnis and other people in the environment around...